HERFA second station: Loom weaving in Naqada

We are sharing with you reflections by our partner Yasmine Bayoumi, CEO and Founder of Cell Organisation, who created the concept for the project HERFA, which took place in March 2020 in Naqada, Qena.

“In my opinion the project HERFA is about stories which weren’t told. It’s method appreciates it’s experiences and it’s feelings by using different methods. It transport you to a different time in a special way and make you feel like moving through time, where all the handcrafts were done. It teach us about different products (produced by the loom for example).
HERFA gave us the possibility to hear a lot of stories and made us feel the stories within the urban life in those days. And each place made us feel grateful in several ways.
This project in Naqada was a very inspirational experience and very special in its stories. Upper Egypt has million stories about the handcrafts in each building. I hope we will get the chance to collect all those stories and to make them to be known in different ways.”