We aspire to provide a practice based education; providing knowledge from practice to practice involving and including the community whom we are part of.

Our activities

Cell activities revolve around three main themes:
1- Planning and conservation; spatial planning, urban design and the integration of development efforts with existing urban fabric and socioeconomic structures
2- Documenting and preserving our heritage; How to capture, document, preserve and develop on our tangible and intangible heritage
3- Mini-projects; Episodic practical small projects and workshops with different themes such as recycling and collaborative design

We work to present and help our partners to acquire knowledge through and within practical projects. We operate through workshops and courses. Workshops to design and construct small spaces from recycled materials, or to document crafts and the crafts(wo)men’ stories about their craft and practice. While the courses provides the academic base for our three main themes; offering the academic foundations and the opportunity to practice it.

We aspire to involve and include the community in our projects and workshops for two reasons; their input is crucial to the success of the projects we carry out, and to increase the awareness about the role of architecture and urban design. We try to focus our activities in Upper Egypt and the Delta. While most of our participants are students, we also collaborate and work with different communities in our workshops; we could be working to design and construct a co-working space for young entrepreneurs who are starting their business, a group of craftspeople , or residents within historic neighborhoods.